Big T Thurl Bailey shirt – Fem

Big T Thurl Bailey shirt

Ongoing lockdowns and the move to working from home resulted in a greater reliance on technology in almost every aspect of our lives, and, for a Big T Thurl Bailey shirt of start-ups, this presented an opportunity for growth. Companies without the structures in place to support remote work will have felt the impact almost immediately, while newer start-ups that were more accustomed to the digital world were able to quickly adapt to the new economic environment. Similarly, businesses without an online presence would have struggled following the shift to online shopping while several EdTech, pharma and fashion e-tailer start-ups benefitted from robust digital marketing strategies, cementing themselves in hyperlocal trade and door-to-door deliveries. The crisis also became an unexpected catalyst for growth for certain industries such as delivery services, commercial cleaning and online fitness and wellness programmes that may have been previously overlooked by the average consumer.

Big T Thurl Bailey shirt(Big T Thurl Bailey shirt)

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