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Feeling ’22 Shirt

That’s extremely persuasive about your motivation for Feeling ’22 Shirt . And so I want to thank you, I want to thank you for your courage and I want to tell you I believe you. I believe you. And I believe many Americans across this country believe you. And what I find striking about your testimony is you remember key searing details of what happened to you. You told you husband and therapist, two of the most intimate of your confidants, and you told them years ago about this assault. You have shared your experience with multiple friends years after that and before these hearings ever started. I know having personally prosecuted sexual assault cases and child  exual assault cases, that study after study shows trauma, shame and the fear of consequences almost always cause survivors to, at the very least, delay reporting if they ever report at all.

Feeling '22 Shirt(Feeling ’22 Shirt)

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