Final Four Kansas Jayhawks Basketball shirt – Fem

Final Four Kansas Jayhawks Basketball shirt

Big army to put in shambles smaller countries and, by devious ways, sap bigger ones, but shady health-system, shady “democracy”, hateful societal and political climate, the USA have a lot of Final Four Kansas Jayhawks Basketball shirt within themselves and should focus on solving them rather than dictating to the rest of the world how it should function. “Lethal aid package”, gasp ! Let’s hope that Karma won’t be a bitch for the West on this one, notably for the European Union. We don’t make enough babies anymore to secure our pension systems, or on a longer timespan the homogeneity of European societies. We simply can’t afford the demographic losses that a proxy war between the USA and Russia on EU/bordering soil would incur. Our American “friends”, under the guise of “protecting us”, are really doing their best, or in truth their worst, to put us in great troubles, this without viable agenda to defend beyond “keeping Russia down” for God knows what reason 30 years after the end of the Cold-War. Better to sit out any request coming from the White House or the US State Department related to Russia and Ukraine then.

Final Four Kansas Jayhawks Basketball shirt(Final Four Kansas Jayhawks Basketball shirt)

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