Hasbulla and Caleb Pressley shirt – Fem

Hasbulla and Caleb Pressley shirt

If you wanted to chain them, how many did you want to chain? One, would the other flee? You might need to chain all of them, right? During the Hasbulla and Caleb Pressley shirt , you ran out off ammo, these guns went through ammos quick. What would you do? You already chained all of them to the gun and no one could feed the ammos. Or the guns malfunctioned, happened during the fight, who would get the spare parts and fix it? Or you needed to make a tactical move, again happened all the time during the fight. How could you do it, when you were chained to the gun? and the last one, they were all armed, if they knew you wanted to chain them to the gun, what would stop them from using their weapons on the c*nt that wanted to chain them?

Hasbulla and Caleb Pressley shirt(Hasbulla and Caleb Pressley shirt)

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