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In Patty We Trust Shirt

This is the political equivalent of a child asking Santa Claus for a In Patty We Trust Shirt, a candy tree, and a new baby brother (without the usual methods of making said baby brother) all rolled into one. It’s pretty much just one string of alt-right wish fulfilment and dog whistle terms strung together in some vague semblance of a coherent thought; Again, big ol’ red flag dog whistle thrown in here: the assertion that Paul Ryan -one of the most libertarian if not conservative members of Congress – was somehow not conservative enough (read: not loyal enough to Trump); Of course, there is absolutely no evidence even remotely compelling that proves anyone but Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Not after numerous recounts and baseless, frivolous lawsuits thrown out of court by Trump’s own appointees and political allies, up to and including the SCOTUS justices he appointed; I mean, yeah, this “trusted Conservative” Speaker could do just that, but they’d still need to a) prove “high crimes and misdemeanors” occurred (see #3, above), and they’d still have to deal with the majority Democrat House. After all, this is how the Constitution, that highest law of the land Conservatives claim to honor above all else, demands…

In Patty We Trust Shirt(In Patty We Trust Shirt)

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