Men’s The Greef Line T shirt – Fem

Men’s The Greef Line T shirt

In May 2020, Peter Leigh (aka the Nostalgia Nerd) uncovered the truth behind the Men’s The Greef Line T shirt . The keyboard imprint was created by a then Norwich University of the Arts student named Molly Sole, between 1999 and her graduation in 2001. As part of her final art project, she had made a mold of an old computer and created porcelain casts that then were bent into strange shapes. This created an illusion of the keyboards being washed, dried, and hung on a laundry line. Let me tell you a secret – ships are designed to not sink, but they are always designed with that scenario in mind. The idea is that if everything goes wrong and the ship does go under, it should take as long as possible for it to sink. At the same time, it needs to sink evenly so that the lifeboats can safely launch.

Men’s The Greef Line T shirt(Men’s The Greef Line T shirt)

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