Official Salt Burn Repeat Supernatural Shirt

I’m a 20f in my senior year of college and want to go trick or treating so badly this year. Glad OP saw the orange and purple E for everyone sign. Now if only my neighbors would get with the Official Salt Burn Repeat Supernatural Shirt program. I hated the first and only time I was asked if I was too old to be trick or treating in HS. it was so devastating I didn’t really understand the logic. It’s a holiday where people get to dress up, get free candy, and show off their costumes. I’ve had a hard time coping with the unspoken age limit, I thought it was a forever thing :/ the plague costume sounds smart and fun.
Halloween is a big deal in my neighborhood. The whole street for 8 blocks puts on a show. The police close the street at both ends and it’s a Official Salt Burn Repeat Supernatural Shirt great night. The conductor of the local symphony always has a huge musical display with special effects and actors. People drive their kids, and themselves, in from all over the area. EVERYBODY dresses up. Nearly every house will have treats for kids AND adults(usually better quality candy/snacks or something boozy).Just because you were deprived of the joy of Halloween doesn’t mean you have to take it from your daughter. Let her have a good time, killjoy.

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