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Salty Army Shirt

I urge you to consider not going to a breeder (or, God forbid, a pet shop) to get a purebred dog, but try to adopt a dog from a Salty Army Shirt or rescue group. Small, cute, healthy low-shed dogs do tend to go fairly quickly (especially these days when people are still looking for “pandemic pups”), but with a bit of patience and perseverance they should be able to “hook you up” with a dog that has both the physical characteristics and the personality and energy level that makes him or her right for you. Unless you absolutely must have a puppy for some reason, please consider getting an adult dog — you can tell a lot more about their energy level and personality when they’re at least a year old, as well as their appearance (all puppies are cute, some adult dogs are cuter than others). I have two sweet. adorable, small, non-shedding dogs rescued from shelters (one at the age of about 5, one at age 9). According to DNA tests the blondie is a Shih Tsu-Maltese-Dachsund-Poodle, and the little black one is a Dachsund-Poodle-Bichon Frise. They aren’t so much “designer dogs” as “tossed together dogs.” If you look up the word “affectionate” in the dictionary, this is what you will see:

Salty Army Shirt(Salty Army Shirt)

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