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This is stolen land shirt

Someone I love dearly has had several Bichon Frises and they are the This is stolen land shirt dog for her: equally happy camping, walking on leash or vegging out on the couch. I like her dogs – they are cute as a button! – but I would never get one for myself. To me, the breed lacks initiative and drive, two of the things I value in my Sheltie and Tervuren. Likewise, I imagine my dogs would make her crazy. They’re so handler-focused I can’t use the bathroom without them and they only fully relax when they are exhausted. So, take time to think what traits and characteristics you would like in your dog. Chat with someone who knows all about dogs. In the U.S., the AKC provides tons of good information on its website and in books. And, don’t overlook mixed breeds. They can have the very best traits of all breeds in their DNA, and they can be just as adorable!

This is stolen land shirt(This is stolen land shirt)

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