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Waterdogs Lacrosse Logo Ladies Boyfriend Shirt

BLUMENTHAL: Well, you have given America an amazing teaching moment, and you may have other moments in the Waterdogs Lacrosse Logo Ladies Boyfriend Shirt, but you have inspired and you have enlightened America. You have inspired and given courage to women to come forward, as they have done to every one of our offices and many other public places. You have inspired and you have enlightened men in America to listen respectfully to women survivors, and men who have survived sexual attack, and that is a profound public service, regardless of what happens with this nomination. And so the teachers of America, the people of America should be really proud of what you have done. Let me tell you why I believe you: not only because of the prior consistent statements and the polygraph tests and your request for an FBI investigation and your urging that this committee hear from other witnesses who could corroborate or dispute your story, but also, you have been very honest about what you cannot remember. And someone composing a story can make it all come together in a seamless way, but someone who is honest — I speak from my experience as a prosecutor, as well — is also candid about what she or he cannot remember.

Waterdogs Lacrosse Logo Ladies Boyfriend Shirt(Waterdogs Lacrosse Logo Ladies Boyfriend Shirt)

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